Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018! I’m still here and working on some great ideas for K.I.S.S. this year. I know, I’ve been away for so long, but had a shopping event. If you missed the event, you missed out. There will more events this year for you come out say “Hello” and get your K.I.S.S. product without waiting.

2018 is going to be our year. Have sets goals for this year? Why not? Just make a list of what you want for this year. Don’t stress over the list, but do work on the list. Here take a look at my goals for the year:

As I work on each item on the list, I will expand that item. For example, for my business item, the expansion would look like this:

  • Create more blog post
  • Create more sewn products to sell
  • Create patterns for others who sew
  • And so on

Once you complete a task check it off the list. Maybe you need a reward system, complete 5 task by month end and treat yourself.

About Vinneeca

Hello, my name is Vinneeca and I love being creative. I live in sunny San Diego, California. I want to use this blog as a way to reach out other fellow sewist, yes sewist (who wants to be known as sewer, LOL!) and crafters alike. If you are a beginner, novice or looking for holiday sewing and crafting ideas, welcome. I hope we can share ideas, techniques with each other or just come together to talk about our passion.
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