K.I.S.S. the Dice

Married? Dating?

Chore Debating?

Need a Referee

Roll it.

Keep It So Simple   KISS Dice 3.5×3.5

Toss it and the job is his or hers or ours or yours.

$15.99 (click to be taken to my Square store)

Give me 2 weeks to turn this

and your dis-order is complication free.

Just roll the dice.

More variations on the way.

About Vinneeca

Hello, my name is Vinneeca and I love being creative. I live in sunny San Diego, California. I want to use this blog as a way to reach out other fellow sewist, yes sewist (who wants to be known as sewer, LOL!) and crafters alike. If you are a beginner, novice or looking for holiday sewing and crafting ideas, welcome. I hope we can share ideas, techniques with each other or just come together to talk about our passion.
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